Book an appointment with my doctor.

I lost my wallet on the train, call and see if they have it.

How do I open a bank account in Taiwan?

Find out what documents I need to open a bar

Answer my customer support tickets.

Make a list of popular American online dating sites.

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What are you waiting for? Hire a virtual assistant today.

Increase your happiness

Outsourcing to Kaori means being able to focus on what you do best. Improving your productivity and happiness.

Operate globally with peace of mind

Kaori’s virtual assistants are in Japan, China, Korea and throughout North America. We are adding new countries every month.

End your frustrations

Don’t let language barriers, lack of time or budget stop you from doing what you need to. Kaori-san’s virtual assistants are bilingual, affordable and responsive.

Our Virtual Assistants

Personal Virtual Assistants

Need something done? Simply open a web browser and give it to Kaori. Our customers communicate with Kaori’s virtual assistants via mobile apps and email from all around the world.

Business Virtual Assistants

Use our dedicated virtual assistants to share your task among your team. Your dedicated assistant will come to understand your business and be able to think for you.

Our Virtual Telephone

Virtual Telephone System

No staff or software involved. Create a professional image with a virtual telephone system and multiple extensions hosted entirely in the cloud.

Convenience of the cloud

Everything about our virtual telephone system is managed online. You receive voicemails by email and calls forward to your mobile. Pricing scales as you grow. You can cancel anytime.

What our clients say

I have a few customers in Japan and China. Kaori-san has helped me handle any issues that come up. And I rely heavily on my dedicated assistant to help me understand my customers.

Jon Frederick
Jon Frederick
Founder, Alliance Storage

I’m really good at writing code, I find administrative work distracting. Yes, I can do it myself, but using Kaori-san lets me focus on what I really enjoy and I’m good at. Writing code.

Koji Matsumoto
Koji Matsumoto
Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

Having only a mobile phone on our business card made us look unprofessional. Getting telephone numbers helped with first impressions. Even if they know we are small.

Mika Y.
Mika Y.
Operations Manager, Angel Software

What are you waiting for? Hire a virtual assistant today.

Personal Virtual Assistant

Offload the things you want to have done, but don’t have the time for. With your subscription you gain access to a pool of bilingual Personal Virtual Assistants in Japan, China and Korea. When you need something done, someone in the pool will see it through. Low cost to get started.

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Business Virtual Assistant

For companies or individuals who know exactly what help they need. Our dedicated assistants try to gain a better understanding of your business and personal needs. You can also share your plan among other employees in your company, making billing simplified and providing employees with administrative help.

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Business Virtual Telephone

With our virtual telephone service your company phone is managed and hosted in the cloud. You can setup numbers and extensions in multiple countries, including Japan and the US. We cover almost all countries in Asia. Calls are forwarded to your phone or voicemail.

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