When we first launched our virtual assistant service Kaori-san, it was built out of a need to simplify scaling our business and personal life. Founded by serial entrepreneur Ejovi Nuwere after facing challenges common in Asian markets.

  1. There is a lack of qualified staff that you can outsource to on a small scale.
  2. Hiring people in countries outside of the United States is risky with a lot of liabilities.

Kaori-san was built to solve both problems. In the end we created a platform not only for business owners, but busy people who don’t have the time to deal with all the busy work required to get by day to day in Asia. Our goal is to:

  • Provide a unlimited number of qualified assistants around the world.
  • Develop products that enable our customers to be more successful.
  • Sell these services for a reasonable price.


Personal Virtual Assistant

Offload the things you want to have done, but don’t have the time for. With your subscription you gain access to a pool of bilingual Personal Virtual Assistants in Japan, China and Korea. When you need something done, someone in the pool will see it through. Low cost to get started.

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Business Virtual Assistant

For companies or individuals who know exactly what help they need. Our dedicated assistants to try to gain a understanding of your business and personal needs. You can also share your plan among other employees in your company, making billing simplified and providing employees with administrative help.

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Business Virtual Telephone

With our virtual telephone service your company phone is managed and hosted in the cloud. You can setup numbers and extensions in multiple countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Korea. We cover almost all countries in Asia. Calls are forwarded to your phone or voicemail.

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