Have something purchased by a virtual assistant

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Kaori-san can now buy things on your behalf. The process is simple, submit a task and let us know what you need. Kaori-san will then go and get it for you.

Make a purchase

Purchase a gift for your client in Japan

Confirm the amount

Once we receive the task Kaori-san will research and send you a confirmation of her recommended purchase, prior to billing your card and shipping to the customer.

Purchase for customer in Japan


Assistant never sees your credit card details

Once you approve the purchase the order details go to our administrator. The administrator approves the purchase after the item has been confirmed. In most cases the administrator will use the Kaori-san corporate credit card for the purchase or banktransfer if necessary from Kaori-san to the vendor. The assistant never has access to your credit card.

Some ideas you can use the purchase system for:

  • gifts
  • hotel bookings
  • car reservations
  • concert tickets
  • food delivery
  • house cleaning
  • anything you can imagine!