What Kaori-san assistants can do

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Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Kaori-san.You can avoid frustration by thinking about the type of request Kaori-san will be able to do and how long it will take her to do it.

  • Find a doctor or service person in a specific area
  • Translate a business email (Additional cost required as we use Gengo.com )
  • Research an aspect of a blog post
  • Buy and send flowers to your loved one
  • Arrange for a housekeeper to clean your apartment
  • General research gathering
  • Make reservations & appointments on your behalf
  • Distill product reviews into recommendations
  • Make a list of businesses/vendors/venues for you
  • Find hotels and get price quotes for you
  • Find the lowest-cost flights for a trip
  • Purchase something up to $200 on an online shop which does not require membership registration
  • Try to track down an item that you lost
  • Call your cable, phone company, or any vendor
  • Schedule conference calls
  • Add appointments to your Google calendar



  • Anything that requires your credit card number
  • Write and post an entire blog post for you
  • Sales lead generation – cold calls, spam emailing, wholesaler negotiation, etc.
  • Make list of more than 10 (we can’t make a list of all companies in Japan)
  • Book flights, hotels or rental cars (we can get info & price quotes)
  • Paint your house (but we can find you a painter)
  • Pick up your laundry (we can find a place that delivers, though)
  • Extensive travel planning
  • Tasks involving a language other than English or Japanese
  • Highly technical tasks (software support, programming, HTML, etc)
  • Give you legal and/or financial advice (we can provide you with non-binding research)
  • Recurring tasks or tasks with a strict, near-term deadline
  • Find confidential contact information for high-profile individuals
  • Break our Terms of Service or those of other businesses
  • Anything sexual including research on sex related services
The key to effectively using a outsourced assistant is to break request up into small chunks. Come into the office with a list of 10 things you need to get done, and assign 10 separate task to Kaori-san instead of one huge task with 10 request.