Need a Tokyo Helicopter tour? Five virtual assistant task from real clients

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REQUEST: Book a helicopter tour:
My friends are visiting from out of town, I want to show them around. Find companies that do helicopter tours in the Kanto area. Let me know how much they are before booking.

Here are a few examples of task submitted to us

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Tokyo Helicopter Tour

Unknown, but famous Tonkatsu place: There is a famous Tonkatsu place in Nishi-azabu 2-chome. I don’t know the exact address or the name. Can you find it and book a reservation for 4, Sunday night at 7PM?

Find contact details for these bloggers: Here is a list of bloggers I follow related to my industry. I want to reach out to them, can you find me their contact details?

Recommendation for a business hotel in Hanoi: I plan to travel to Vietnam next month and would like to find a reasonable (not expensive, single room, non-smoking, with internet access) hotel in Hanoi.

Citibank business account: I would like to know what the requirements are to open a Citibank business 法人 account. We are based in Tokyo. I’d also like to know what documents are required to open such accounts.

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