What virtual assistants can do

Find a dermatologist in my neighborhood.

As long as you aren’t dying, we can find you a great doctor or specialist and book an appointment.

Find a hotel for me and my family of three in Kyoto.

If you are visiting a new city, welcoming a client or planning a vacation, we can find the best options.

Make a reservation at ROBUCHON for me and three people.

We can schedule your next business meeting and add attendees with location to your calendar.

Summarize product reviews into recommendations.

Save time by having us research product options and report back to you.

Gather a list of competitors.

Want to know who your competitors are in your home market or a foreign market? We can research for you.

Respond to my customer email.

As long as you have a FAQ document we can review, we can handle customer support inquiries in Japanese or English .

Task are like tickets. Each ticket gives you 20 minutes of Kaori-san’s time.
If your task is complex we deduct more tasks.

What virtual assistants can not do

Find confidential contact information for private individuals

We can’t help you find information on famous people or perform private investigator type work.

Write and post an entire blog post for you

We are not very good writers, sorry. But we can find a contract writer who can do this for you.

Sales lead generation – cold calls, spam emailing, wholesaler negotiation, etc.

We are not good at sales. But we can find a vendor that specializes in this.

Make list of more than 10 (We can’t make a list of all companies in Japan)

We can make short list, but we can’t build extensive databases. We can find vendors who have these databases.

Paint your house (but we can find you a painter)

We can’t do anything physical, but we can find and arrange vendors who can do this.

Highly technical tasks (programming, html, etc)

We don’t program and we don’t download unknown applications. Need us to support your users? If you have a well documented FAQ, we can help.

What are you waiting for? Hire a virtual assistant today.

Personal Virtual Assistant

Offload the things you want to have done, but don’t have the time for. With your subscription you gain access to a pool of bilingual Personal Virtual Assistants in Japan, China and Korea. When you need something done, someone in the pool will see it through. Low cost to get started.

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Business Virtual Assistant

For companies or individuals who know exactly what help they need. Our dedicated assistants try to gain a better understanding of your business and personal needs. You can also share your plan among other employees in your company, making billing simplified and providing employees with administrative help.

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Business Virtual Telephone

With our virtual telephone service your company phone is managed and hosted in the cloud. You can setup numbers and extensions in multiple countries, including Japan and the US. We cover almost all countries in Asia. Calls are forwarded to your phone or voicemail.

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