Shared Assistant

You can share your task among your team members, so everyone in your company benefits.

Virtual Telephone

All business plans include a virtual telephone. So you can centralize your operations in one location.

Monthly Reports

We email the account manager a report of all the task request that were made during the prior month.

Dedicated Assistant

Depending on your plan, you can have a dedicated assistant. Only one person will handle your task, unless its urgent.

Account Manager

For larger teams we assign a account manager to oversee your experience. Account managers constantly think about ways to make your experience better.

API Access

Looking to scale your business? Building a application? You can use our API to outsource task to our virtual assistants.

Grow your business today and expand your team.

What our clients say

I have a few customers in Japan and China. Kaori-san has helped me handle any issues that come up. And I rely heavily on my dedicated assistant to help me understand my customers.

Jon Frederick
Jon Frederick
Founder, Alliance Storage

I’m really good at writing code, I find administrative work distracting. Yes, I can do it myself, but using Kaori-san lets me focus on what I really enjoy and I’m good at. Writing code.

Koji Matsumoto
Koji Matsumoto
Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

Having only a mobile phone on our business card made us look unprofessional. Getting telephone numbers helped with first impressions. Even if they know we are small.

Mika Y.
Mika Y.
Operations Manager, Angel Software