Terms of Service

By using www.kaorisan.com (“Website”) and its services, you will be bounded by these terms of service and the privacy policy of Kaori-san ( “Company”, or “we”). If you do not agree to these terms and / or the privacy policy, you must not use this Website. Violating these can result in our decision to terminate our relationship.

■ Introduction

This is a Website, email and app based service. You will need to register to become a member of this Website if you wish to access our service, and continued membership is subject to the Company’s subscription charges set out in your subscription plan. We will send you emails to communicate with you about your requests. We also send you emails from time to time to communicate about promotional offers or new features. You can unsubscribe from those marketing emails at anytime. Each account is for the use of a single person and any accounts are not transferable to another user. Any requests that you submit on the Website are intended for your benefit only. You can not share requests with another person or resold requests to any other person in any way. If you’d like to use our service as a team, please contact support to sign up for a team account.

■ Payments

There is no free version of this service unless you are invited by a user who received a refer-a-friend campaign message. In order to use this service as a member, you pay a specific monthly recurring fee for the plan you sign up for. Once you have paid for a month , no refund will be granted.
Initially, you can only sign up for recurring subscriptions plans. That means you purchase certain number of requests per month when you pay for the service. Your subscription period starts on a day you purchase a plan and lasts for 28 days to 31 days (28 or 29 days in February; 30 days in April, June, September and November; and 31 days in January, March, May, July, August, October and December). Requests do not roll over from month to month. If you do not use requests within a month, you lose them at the end of the term. However, if you run out of requests, you can purchase extra requests which you can use anytime you want within 60 days.

■ Scope of requests

Requests can be almost any type that does not require a physical presence and can be executed using a computer or a phone. Please check for details of what we can or cannot do on our service page. If it’s need a research of any kind, it should not take longer than 20 minutes per request. Each request should be submitted on its own as a single request. If you have several requests that need to be done, send each in separately. If you have one big request, break it down into small pieces and send each in separately. If your request is clearly out of the scope of our service, we will let you know in the first response and give you back one credit. However, we may spend some time trying to finish your request before we realize that it’s not something we can finish or an amount of work beyond our service level. If that happens, you will be given a response with as much work as the assistant has been able to do, and one of your request credits is used. We reserve the right to decide at our sole discretion if a request is outside the scope of our abilities. You must not include your credit card number in your request. If we make a purchase for you, you will be billed the amount plus 15% handling fee via a secure payment processor.

■ Warranty

Although we try our best to give you the most accurate information as quickly as possible, we offer no warranty of any kind. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable in any way for any information it provides on the Website or through our service, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any responses and information our assistants give you, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred in connection with use of such information made available via the service.

■ Cancellation

You may cancel your membership at any time for no penalty fee from your account page.

■ Termination

The Company may modify, replace, refuse access to, suspend or discontinue the Website, partially or entirely, or change and modify prices for all or part of the Services in our sole discretion. All of these changes shall be effective upon their posting on our site.

■ Contact

If you have any questions about this, please email us at support@kaorisan.com